Woodland War Machine

Episode #21 - Root: Past, Present, and Future (featuring Cole Wehrle)

July 22, 2021

Episode 21 - Season One Finale - Gather 'round ya'll, we're talking with Creator God...of the Woodland. The Crew sits down with the designer of Root, Cole Wehrle! They chat over a range of topics including asymmetrical game design, the future of Root, and maybe even a touch of Starcraft. Stick around towards the end for Cole's favorite Faction and Root Cards!

Additionally, this episode marks the end of SEASON ONE - We'll be back in the Fall of 2021 with more Root content - come join the conversation on the Discord and support the show on Patreon!


Woodland War Machine: the podcast covering Leder Games' amazingly awesome asymmetric board game: ROOT! Join Jake Michels, Sam DeRoest, and Kyle Acheson as they explore the tactics and tradecraft of the cutest strategic warfare game ever!


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